We employ an efficient method of business valuation and risk analysis.

Prior to any investment, our investment managers will conduct an extensive and perspicacious analysis. Besides analyses of risk and human resource structure/strategy, we will identify the growth strength and market possibilities. Our research is based on a very detailed and unique procedure coming to the evaluation of a company (appraisal of its business). This special procedure enables us to place investments facilitating sustainable appreciation and high rates of return.

As an active shareholder, we work in a cooperative way with the company and its executives, from the review, to the audit, to a possible exit. Our focus is set on companies with an excellent market position and outstanding growth opportunities.


Investment criterias

Before investing we need to understand all aspects of a company. We become acquainted with the management and analyse previous market success and future all-over strategies in order to extend the historic and present achievements of the company.

Our focus is a clear, well-defined strategy that suits the particular skills of the management and fits into the chosen market segment. The company(ies) should thus be able to present consistent and superior rates of economic growth.

We consider companies for investment based on these attributes:

  • Qualified, experienced management showing business acumen.
  • Extensive skills in technology, marketing and business development.
  • A unique selling point, ideally covered by patent, and a promising marketing concept.
  • The product itself or the service must show an explicit customer value.
  • The market segment and the branch should show extraordinary opportunity for growth.

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