Rubinberg plc an international financial investor

We are a strong and reliable partner for corporations in any finance and industrial market. Our sustainable investment strategy results from historic experience plus the instinct of our experts across economic sectors.

We exclusively invest in corporations with a unique selling point that can set themselves apart from their competitors. Our focus is not only Europe, but also the growth markets of Asia, Latin America and Russia. A unique network of key-persons provide our fast and efficient approach to these special markets.

We believe that capital itself will not guarantee success in business. We combine financial investment with knowledge in management and valuable contacts. The diversified structure of our investments allow us to decide on the most autonomous path.

Our Investors

Entering a partnership with investors, we do not simply see their capital basis. We also look at their business acumen, profound knowledge and commitment. Our investors are trading families, fiduciaries, family office structures, institutional investors, and private investors.


Cooperation with our Investors

For each transaction, we individually design the optimal capital structure by singling out suitable investors before determining the capital structure. This way guarantees maximum security and a monetary strategy tailored to the investors’ interest.


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