We are investing in innovative technologies of the future.

DROTR is the world's first messenger with simultaneous translation of video calls.

The project mission is to give people of different nationalities the opportunity to c ommunicate with the world using their own language. This way DROTR helps people to preserve their native languages as the main aspect of national cultures. Now it is a mobile platform that consists of 4 mobile apps, allowing easy communication in more than 100 languages.  

Ausweis is a service providing universal, comfortable and secure mobile access to facilities. The system consists of an IoT cloud platform, a mobile / web app and an Ausweis device that is compatible with any electromechanical and electromagnetic locks and manages various entry points such as doors, gates, gate bars, intercoms, fences and turnstiles. 

Innovative technologies to provide effective, easy and comprehensive protection. United Help can protect everyone, everywhere at any t ime. How it works : i n case of danger an alarm signal can be sent using everyday devices (e.g. a smartphone ) . Unified network of rapid response teams of partner security companies reacts quickly, neutralizes threats and provides aid 24/7.   

CashTime is a payment system of the XXI century, where time is currency. It unites marketers, sellers and app users. Users can buy goods and services by performingmarketers’ tasks. For marketers, CashTime is a smart and reliable CPA/CPCV network. Sellers get more trans actions and profit growth due to the innovative monetization model.

YouGiver is a fundamentally new gift solution which gives an opportunity to present a gift without knowing the address of Presentee with only a few clicks. Hence YouGiver keeps personal data of Presentees safe–they remain confidential. The platform unites the developers of social services and their audience of millions (Givers and Presentees) with gift sellers all over the world.    

The TIW AG is an innovative company that develops products in the fields of communications and security. It was founded in May 2013. TIW focuses on the development of the most promising ideas in the IT industry with the greatest social potential. The mission is to make the world more comfortable and safe due to advanced information technologies accessible to everyone. The branches of the TIW Group are located in 4 countries - Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

TIW Innovations


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