We’re not limited to monetary investment. Our involvement is both strategic and functional.

Capital is not the only basis for success. We contribute knowledge to all levels of management and work to create a joint vision that will be realized in a forward-looking strategy.

Our markets

Our primary focus is on markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But we’re open to investments in other european countries, once profitable sources have been verified. We will also work to assist corporations in the development of common markets.

Strategic approach

We only invest in companies that share our goal of sustainable value creation. Private equity is delivered by a small pool of investors, who are not interested in relinquishing security nor attractive returns. As the founder and partners of Rubinberg AG, we bring even equity and entrepreneurial impulses to our investments. As well as classic equity investments, we provide additional funds for acquisitions to increase the company’s chances of success.

Operative action
Based on our knowledge, we set up the most suitable debt-to-equity ratio. We will provide know-how in development, production/manufacturing, marketing, human resources and logistics to strengthen the market position of our companies.

Causes of Investment

Changing company structure

Enterprise divisions spin-offs

Growth stage funding

Acquisition of companies in insolvency

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